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I have a child w/a fractured alna, is there anything else I can do to help along the healing process?

She fell off the zipline and fractured her alna and dislocated her elbow. The doctors are saying the gap between the two fragments of bone is still pretty wide. There is a pin inside the elbow joint all the way up to her wrist.It has been 4 weeks as it is now.She is young, I was wondering if there is anything I can give her to help aid along her healing? Thank you to whomever can give me some advice on this issue :)
Depending on how young she is, I might stay away from the medications, unless she seems really uncomfortable. The argument with ice/heat is typically, ice for the first 48 hours of an injury/surgery, then heat after that. Calcium! Make sure she is drinking enough milk and getting her daily dose of calcium and vitamin D. These minerals/vitamins allow for bone growth. This is why they say for kids to drink milk. It promotes bone growth and strong bones; the same goes for healing bones.In addition, just make sure she is eating a healthy diet for quick recovery.
Not really. Fractures take awhile to heal, it's a slow process. The average healing time for this type of break is 6-8 weeks. The only thing I can think of that might help a little would be some heat and massage. Massaging the area would increase circulation and that might help a little or at least make her feel better. Other than that, just wait it out! Good luck.
Ice it as often as you can. Keep it elevated. And always try to have a pillow under it. Ibruprofin is ok. Im not sure exactly how old she is but it might be ok. And ICE CREAM. If she likes it. most kids do and it is always a good healer. Good luck. I hope she feels better soon.
To start with Nsaids ( anti-inflammitory drugs) slow down bone healing %26 delay the process.
Make sure she gets lots of calcium, other than that, there's not really much you can do.
She will probably heal really fast because of her age

I have a caste and...?

I just had surgery on my wrist and now i am in a caste and i was wondering if there is anything i can do to keep it from stinking? I know it is kinda gross but i know it happenes but i want to try and prevent it! Thanks
1] use a blow dryer to blow cool air into it.
2] Don't use baby powder or corn starch unless doctor OKs it.
3] wash fingers outside the cast with wet wipes or baby wipes [ baby ones smell better ].
4] when you are steady on your feet, put your arm, cast and all, in a plastic bag and 'seal' it with silk [ non-allergenic ] tape.
Take your one-handed shower, and take bag off immediately.
5] when you apply antiperspirant/deodorant, rub a little around the edges of the cast.
6] if you get any ragged edges on the cast, trim off carefully with a small sharp scissor.
Use baby powder. Try to keep from sweating.

I have a burning sensation in my foot on the top area?

A soft, cherry size lump has developed on top of foot.
Go to a doctor. If it's swelling and painful you need to have a doctor look at it. It could be anything. A doctor will know.
You may have an insect bite or a cyst or boil. Is it red, blistered, above the skin or below? Lots of unknown factors that figure into the answer.

I have a burn on the top of my foot and I have to put socks and shoes on it to go to work.?

Now my foot is red and swollen, does this mean it is infected? What should I do?
cold water is the best first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the tap is ideal. NEVER ice or vinegar or milk or butter or green tea or mustard or toothpaste or sunscreen or semen or vaseline or tomatoes or vanilla extract or yogurt or sour cream or egg white or lavender oil or cocoa butter or salt or tea bags or potato or shaving cream or olive oil or baking soda or banana peel or petroleum jelly or whipped cream or avocado or bacon grease or corn starch or tumeric or lemon juice or curd- not until the skin is fully healed!alcohol might help with the pain but it is a serious risk as it will dehydrate you - so don't drink any. ibuprofen or aspirin will help but larger burns are often accompanied by stomach ulcers, so tylenol/panadol is best for pain if you are gonna tough it out. drink plenty of water or energy drinks that don't have caffeine (gatorade) i would advise that you cover the burnt area with white soft paraffin (white petroleum) or aqueous cream bp. (check the links below and see if you can find a local equivalent). wash the burn and reapply every 4-6 hours - cover with cling wrap if you wish to cover with clothes - this will stop your clothes getting covered with paraffin and maintains the burn.cling wrap alone is ok if you can't get hold of any paraffin. it also acts as a protective artificial skin - helping retain moisture and protect from further damage and pain. cling wrap is cheap and clean off the roll. in Australia ambulances often use this when someone has been burnt. - please note that cling wrap isn't always practical, like on your face.the paraffin imitates the natural oils, creating a seal stopping water leaving the body and reduces pain by protecting sensitised nerves. both of these factors improve healing - good stuff stays in, bad stays out - that is one job of healthy skin. aloe is good coz it remoisturises but that moisture can be quickly lost as the skin can't contain fluids. so put aloe on, and then the paraffin on over the top. if there is broken skin leave out the aloe - just paraffin. if you still have questions - send photos feedingthedogcustard@hotmail.c...finally if you are really worried go to a hospital that has a burns unit or plastic surgeons. serious sunburn i.e. blisters (and all other burns) should be seen by a burns trained doctor or nurse.
put some savlon or something on it and go to the doctors.
try some aloe vera and then wrap your foot with gauze
If it was never blistered (3rd degree) then it is most likely just irritated. Put on cream, and don't wear shoe or sock to work. If it was blistered, or is now, then see a doc
Yes, it could definitely be infected. This happened to me once and it was really bad. I went to the hospital and after they ruled out infection, they put this burn cream on. For the first day or so, my foot HAD to breathe, so I wasn't able to go to work. Over the next few weeks, I had to cover it with gauze and wear loose shoes. It was the middle of winter, so I wore a sock and a sandal. My boss was okay with it because I explained what the problem was. Get this checked out immediately so it doesn't get worse.
It's natural for burns to swell.Take a NSAID like Acetaminophen to keep the pain and swelling down. If you have the time, you may want to apply an ice pack.Since you have to go to work, you'll want to cover and protect the burn. This is prevent further irritation of the burn and swelling, an addition to warding off infection. Apply some aloe vera to a sterile piece of gauze and secure to your foot with either rolled gauze or tape.From what you're describing, your burn sounds like it may be a simple first degree. However, more serious burns may require a doctor's care.
I guess my first question to you would be is it a sunburn or a contact burn (ie hot water, fire, chemicals, etc). Either way make sure you clean the area with soap and water as best as you can. If it is confined to an area like the top of your foot, then try putting some burn ointment on it(this can be found at just about any drug store) and let it breathe as often as possible. I burned my foot last year with hot water and had to keep it covered with a large gauze pad and burn ointment so that I could wear nylons at work and then I removed all of it when I came home. It took a long time for it to heal but it eventually did leaving a nice scar. Good luck to you!

I have a bump that is right below my inner ankle and right above the arch of my left foot.It feels uncomfortab

when I arch my foot from side to side the bump becomes more prominant. What are some causes? I just noticed it yesterday when i got home from the gym.
If you just noticed it after the gym i would guess it is a swollen muscle, tendon or ligament. It you landed funny or just from being active you may have stretched your foot and hyperextended something. your can try icing and heat in alternating patterns for a few days, without being a doctor i would recomend seeing one if you want.
It might be or could cause cancer.. so I reccomend having it checked. but I hope its not :) still it may just be swollen. So to be on the safeside call your doctor and make an appointment to have that looked at

I have a bruise on my side, and it hurts really bad. Any way to help it stop hurting and get better quickly?

My brother opened the tailgate of our truck just as I was walking by. I've got a bruise on my side right above my hipbone about an inch in diameter. I've had it about 4 days now and it looks exactly the way it did 4 days ago. Is there any way to help it stop hurting, and go away. It's right in a place where anytime I brush up against something it'll hurt really bad for about 30 minutes. It's driving me crazy. So any help will be greatly appreciated.
If the bruise is the same color you may have a more serious injury. You may have broken or at least cracked a hip bone. You really should at least get a x-ray, especially if the bruise is not getting better. Try icing it every 15 minutes. for about 4 hours for the next couple of days. If it doesn't improve get a x-ray as soon as possible.

I have a bone pain in my leg for quite some time now and im only 15 years old what should i do get passed this

its my shin that hurts and i am an active person i usually play football for 40 minutes and run like 2 miles+ every weekend
Sounds like you just have shin splints, it's a very common condition. It's when the muscles and tendons around your shins and lower leg become stressed while active. I get them myself, I usually run about 3 miles everyother day. There isn't much you can do other than stretch and work through the pain, eventually they'll go away or you'll get used to the pain.However if it gets to the point where the pain continues after you're finished working out, running, etc. And it becomes painful to walk, it could be a sign of a stress fracture, in which case you should go to a doctor imediately.
You need to go to your Dr. and tell him your symptoms, could be something serious or a fracture! Go as soon possible!! Quit your activities until you get checked out.

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