Saturday, November 7, 2009

I got soap in my eye...?

Well last night, I was just washing my face when I got some soap in my eye... I read the label thing and t said flush with water, already kinew it, but I did that for about 20-40 minutes ( wasnt looking at clock ). I finally just went to sleep with my eye on top of a pillow because that didnt hurt as much. It felt like something in the bottom right of my eye.Now, I woke up this morning and my eye ( kinda gross ) had some crust in it which was like really really hard to get out. I see perfectly with my eye and everything, just my eye is a little red ( but people cant notice it ) and its a little sore and sensitive.Could anything be wrong. Did I do everything right?
Think you will be ok...though, I have gotten soap in my eyes before, I have never had this happen as you describe..Maybe it was the soap you use?..In the future, I would be careful and rinse my face of the soap before opening my eyes...
I do believe you will be okay, since you can see...Just my opinion.but, it may be sore for about a day...maybe two..however, if it is sore after about 12 hours..I would call an opthomologist...Just to be on the safe side..One of their nurses can tell you for sure if you have a problem.Wish you the best of luck!...Watch out for the Soap Monsters Though!
it will be ok
Sounds like your eye is still trying to get rid of the soap or other debris. If the redness continues through today I'd see an eye doctor (opthomologist) and check that there's nothing more seriously wrong. It could also be an allergic reaction. But in either case the best thing to do is to leave your eye alone and not to rub at it (hard to do, I know!). Good luck!
Our eyes are sensitive to any foreign substances, you did what you were supposed to. It could be that you have pink eye if you woke up with crust on your eye, wash your hands carefully and if you used a towel to dry your face, don't spread the infection to the other eye or to other family members just put it in the dirty clothes bin.Check with your doctor if it gets worse or last for a more then two days. They can give you some eye solution or ointment for it if it is pink eye. You will be ok, so don't worry too much about it. Hope you feel better!
It should be OK, you can use some eye drops to keep it moist and wear sunglasses when's just a little sesitive. Will probably be better tomorrow.
visene it helps

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