Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I cant stand for long periods of time without really bad back pain?

i only have to be standing for 1/2 an hour before my back starts really hurting, i was stood up in work for 3 hours today and it was absolute agony. i start a new job on monday which will require me to stand for 8 hours a day, is there anything i can do to stop the pain? i really dont want to be loaded with painkillers all the time
If you are suffering that bad with your back you must see a doctor,failing that get a belt(they call them kidney belts) you strap it around the lower part of the back and it fastens with velcro and they do ease the pain.But you really must see a doctor,and it all depends on your age aswell.Good luck with your new job..
try exercising
I get this, but it's if i stand still without moving, you know, like if you were talking to someone and you are just stood there for half an hour or so. I have to move about cuz my back hurts.
If you are stood still for a period of time then you need to move about a lot if you can. Standing in one position for any lenght of time would cause anyones back to hurt i should think...
i am having the same problems, try putting ice on your back an laying down when you are at home for 15 minutes. there is alwaso a product called sombra that is excellant for helping with pain. have you tried some sort of therapy? maybe evenyoga would help
see a phycisian or chiropractor
I have the same problem and like the one writer above, I cannot stand in the same place for long periods of time without getting lower back pain. I have these exercises I do when it bothers me and it seems to help. Sit on a chair and bring both your knees up toward your stomach. It seems to stretch the muscles and relieves the tightness for me. But don't over do it . Also, stand up (use a kitchen chair for support) and lift each leg out straight in front of you about five times at first on each leg rest for about 2 minutes and repeat. This has always helped me. I assume your back pain is in the lower back. These exercises are only for that region. Also, since you are going to be on your feet for 8 hours, try one of those heat patches from the drug store. Place it in the area where the pain is. This gives me great relief as the heat relaxes the tense muscles. And finally, go see an orthopedic physician (you should probably do this before any of the above). Pain pills just don't work for me and I don't like feeling doped up on them. Also, check this site out luck!
I get this problem too. I find it's worse if I wear heels as I tend to lean slightly backwards to counteract the way heels throw you forwards. Try arching your back outwards - lean your shoulders forward slightly, tuck your tummy in, and see if it helps. I often wake in the night with backache and find it's because I've subconsciously arched my back inwards - I have to curl up in a foetal position to stop it hurting.

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